Wildlife Protection & Conservation – Why Your Children Should Be Involved


The populations of human are on the rise, cities as well as towns are growing at a speedy rate, natural resources are getting used up, and natural habitations are being destroyed. What is even worse is that practically no action is being taken to rectify the resulting damage. Check out http://www.youtube.com/user/ProtectWilderness to get started.

In Africa, more than 1,700 rhinoceros have been killed by poachers since 2010. They are hunted because certain cultures in Asia believe that their horns, which contain keratin, have therapeutic properties that are able to cure a lot of diseases including cancer. Each year, the soaring demand for ivory in the black market has resulted to the killing of over 30,000 elephants. Their ivory represents wealth as well prosperity and is used as ornaments. Even the population of African lions has plunged to a meager 15,000 from 100,000 way back in the 1900’s, and this as a result of the destruction of their habitat, poaching, along with the popularity of prized hunts among local as well foreign tourists.

All of the above-mentioned species are part of Africa’s “Big 5,” which happens to be the life line of the tourism industry of Africa. Their loss will not only destroy the tourism sector, but will as well disable bio-diversity of the country. Bio-diversity affects not only the animal kingdom but as well humankind.

Training your children to appreciate and benefit from the environment at a young age is crucial to the continued existence of natural eco-systems and the many species that exist today. Children must be able to understand why nature is important, how a species affects another, and the great benefits that people derive from the environment. Even more important is that these young ones will be able to experience nature’s beauty and to realize why they need to preserve and protect the wilderness.

It is only by educating today’s children that we will be able to witness changes in environment conditions from what we are currently seeing. The younger generations have the will-power to break cultural believes to prove that using animal products is ineffective and bring about a positive development in the natural environments, not the deterioration that is currently happening.

Every living eco-system forms a link and we will not be able to survive if a link within is broken. A breakdown in one eco-system is going to cause the collapse of all the rest at the same time. Wildlife is our legacy wherever part of the world you live. We all have the responsibility to protect wilderness. Our kids could be the key to wildlife protection. They just need to be taught how and given the chance to do so. Go to the Wilderness International Canada website for more details.


Ways You Can Protect Wildlife

Osprey, Pandion haliaetus, single bird diving for fish, Finland

All animals that are not domesticated and do not interact with human beings at their homes include wildlife. Wildlife animals are important to every country. Animals living in forests and other habitats offer tourist attractions not only to foreigners but also to the local citizens of a said state. They are not only source of income, but they are also living beings and thus they should be treated well and taken care of in the best ways possible. Check out the Wilderness International website to get started.

However, some people out of ignorance neglect and harm wildlife in different ways endangering the lives of these animals. Other people like poachers, purposely and illegally harm and kill the wildlife animals for selfish desires. It is important everyone gets sensitized on the importance and the must need to protect and care for wildlife.

There are various things people can do within their capabilities to ensure a safe world for wildlife. One, sensitization of wildlife care should be done for all to know the value of protecting these animals. Apart from the government seminars and campaigns, you as an individual can also simply share protect-wildlife messages on your smartphones, through social media platforms and even one on one conversation. You can reach out to a person who never knew doing one thing or another may mean danger to wildlife like environmental pollution.

Another thing is that laws should be put in place for prosecution and charging wildlife offenders. There should not only be laws but very strict laws that will make people shy away from harming wildlife in the thought of the dreaded repercussions set for such a crime.

If you are one of the persons or parts of a company that uses wildlife animals’ body parts to manufacture other goods, it is high time you reconsider your raw materials. By so doing, elephants’ tusks, cheetah skins, and other organs will not have market since no one is buying them. Poachers in that sense will have no one to sell those parts and will definitely stop killing wildlife.

You can also avoid regular use of pesticides and herbicides. As you strive to keep your crops safe and your domestic animals healthy, wildlife animals, on the other hand, suffer a great deal. Most carnivorous predators like coyotes and hawks die out of feeding on poisoned animals. Some of the wildlife animals are vulnerable to the chemical pollutants and they end up losing their lives or getting really sick reducing their activity levels and even lifespan. You could choose to have other means of protecting your crops and home animals from time to time and be a few steps closer to wildlife protection. Visit http://www.instagram.com/wildernessinternational/ for more information.

Importance of Wildlife Conservation


Protecting the wildlife is a duty that each and every human being should be keen on. The reason that people go to kill the wild animals is mainly out of malice and greed in their bodies. The wildlife is a treasure that everyone should be looking out for and in such a case it should be conserved. The best thing is that we have organizations that have come up with ways in which people are now able to have information on the importance of the Mountain Wilderness Canada and wild animals in our life’s. This has led to more people being aware of the different ways on how to preserve and protect the wildlife in this case. Check out Wildlife Protection Canada at this link to get started.

The national parks are a place where many animals live in. If the nature is destroyed it means that their comfort is also interrupted. Research has shown that many animals are becoming extinct through the human beings killing them or the natural disasters like drought causing their deaths. The ecosystem is brought to a balance through each of the species being able to rely on each other. When the animals are killed then you will find that the imbalance will also affect the human beings.
Not only do poaching bring down the wildlife but also habitat destruction. People should avoid the thought of destroying the land for their own benefit especially for farming. The parks should be left out to be used by the animals as their natural habitat. There has also been a rise in deforestation which has caused major problems with the wildlife conservancy.

Wildlife is a big part of the major ways in which people attract wealth through tourism. This has been known to boost the economy of a number of the given areas in the world. Besides that you will find that the animals bring about bio diversity in the world today.

You have seen how forests are responsible for bringing down rains in the areas. There is an interdependency in all the species in the world. With the forests, they are able to give the animals their habitats and then the human beings are abler to get fresh waters from them. When you destroy the trees then it will affect the livelihood of the animals and also the human beings will equally be affected. It is important to spread the news of the importance of the wildlife in our lives today. If more people are educated on this, we will have lesser situations to deal with the lose in that case.